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Wal Mart Gift Card

This is a unique and memorable gift for your recipient, that is sure to make them stand out in a crowd! The stainless steel gift card is over 2 inches wide and comes with a non-toxic hard plastic cover. It is easy to remove, even for the most careful user, and has a built-in card key. This gift card is unique and unique enough that no one will be able to tell you were getting hold of it.

Deals for Wal Mart Gift Card

This is a collectable wal mart gift card. It has a 0. 00 value.
this is an early days gift card made from a few broken gift cards left at a gas station. It has the wal-mart symbol on it and the phrase "no value -New books -" on the front. The back is empty because no gift card was given in return for the gift card.
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